Let's have a look on the latest summer collection 2014. Eastern Dress Designs bringing Fabulous lawn prints 2014 from the best brands of Pakistan.

Printed Lawn in Pink

White and Black Lawn Print

Here is some more of Trendy Anarkali Suits collection. Anarkali suits are mostly worn on occasions, parties and different gatherings. Indian/Pakistani Ladies are a big fan of Anarkali Suits/ Designs.

Pishwas is also one of the most Attractive and Gorgeous Pakistani/Indian Dress, It definitely adds to the personality and gives a real charming look to the individual. The blend of different colors used in the following Pishwas Designs is adorable.
Multi Color Pishwas

Orange and White Pishwas with Embriodarry

Pishwas Suit in Maroon Color

Blue and Sea Green Combination of Pishwas

Orange and Blue Pishwas
Saree are the traditional dress in most part of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and some parts of Pakistan. On special occasions women tend to wear fancy style Sarees, Indian Bridal Saree use to sell like hotcake in wedding seasons. Following are some of the collections of Indian Bridal Saree /Fancy Saree for 2013.

Making different stylish designs on hands with Mehndi has remained an integral part of the marriage ceremonies in the subcontinent. Pakistani/Indian Mehndi designs are loved worldwide. This certainly give a new look to the lady, nowadays the designing with mehndi has been extended to arms and feet. We have selected very few from our collection of Pakistani/Indian Mehndi designsIf you are lady of the moment, then certainly there is one design for you right below.